Takeoff Coaching is committed to sharing educational information and creating training designs for coaches, athletes, trainers and teachers who require high velocity skills for their chosen activity.

Takeoff Consultants

Our current services include:

+ Takeoff Schools

Takeoff Schools provides top level athlete coaching experiences and interactions for students. Takeoff aims to support the development of learning to go along with the ability to move correctly and safely in sport.

+ Technical Movement Illustrations

All of our digital illustrations are drawn in-house and designed as visual aids to address technical mechanics for coaches and athletes. We offer line or colour tinted drawings that are sold in PNG format so they can be resized to fit any need without loss of image quality.

+ Video Tutorials

Takeoff produces professional video tutorials, which allow coaches to learn interactively with HD slow motion footage. The exercises shown correlate with the movements used in our everyday programmes.
Coming soon.

+ Commentaries

The commentaries we provide are written by qualified coaches with specific areas of expertise and educated to at least degree level with relevant sporting background and experience. The extent of content covered has a huge scope from clarification of terminology through to specific exercise purpose and program explanation. In this area we pride ourselves on being able to take academic research and putting it into an understand format for all coaches.

+ PreScripted programming

Takeoff uses a unique design system called MOVERS, to highlight core movement skills and create training frameworks that enhance performance. The objectives relate to acquiring specific mechanical and neuromuscular competencies and refining them for consistency and precision. Our programs are developmental in nature and designed to supplement and insert into an athletes regular training program. For ease and simplicity, we use a colour coded border system to differentiate between training cycles.

+ Seminars and Workshops

We are not currently endorsed to deliver coaching qualifications, however we do offer seminars and workshops for educational purposes. We target any level of coach and are able to tailor to meet your needs. Presentations can last from a few hours or a daylong event, covering for example; movement mechanics, injury prevention, preparing for skill competency, periodising and the importance of the feet to name but a few.

+ Bespoke Services

All of our current services are able to be offered on a bespoke bases through a submission form on our website. Examples of this would be personalising clothing on illustrations to be more relevant to team sports, or with our PreScripted programs and Commentaries services we offer guaranteed email response within 24 hours to concerns regarding a coaches understanding or advice in choosing appropriate resources.


+ Matt Watson (MSc Athletic Development & Peak Performance)

Co-Founder Matt Watson is Chief Creative Officer of Takeoff Coaching and Director of Takeoff Schools and an experienced sportsman. Having played Football and Basketball at a National level, he now competes Internationally in Athletics.

As the Director of Takeoff Schools, Matt designs and manages the delivery of the Olympic Inspired Athlete Coaching Visits. He provides support for both Takeoff Athletes and schools. Matt is also the head of our marketing, controlling content uploads for both the website and social media.


+ Erik Little (MA Coach Education)


Co-Founder J.Erik Little has been a performance coach in sport and industry for 40+ years. He has also worked as a programme designer and illustrator for journals, coach education resources and NGB materials. His specialties include plyometrics, medicine ball dynamics and sport preparation. Alongside Matt, he is the brains behind our workshops, delivering extensive knowledge to help develop coaching/performance. He is also consultant for endurance, dynamic posture and lower leg development.

+ Ben Davies (BSc Sports Coaching)

Co-Founder Ben Davies has worked with athletes across a range of sports at regional, national and international levels. His specialties include technical movements and plyometric development from a Strength & Conditioning and Horizontal Jumps perspective.

Currently Ben is working freelance as; a Strength & Conditioning coach within Oaklands College Athletics Academy, Head Horizontal Jumps coach at Cambridge & Coleridge AC and Cambridge University AC, whilst training to become an England Athletics Coach Education Tutor. Also working under the name Cambridge Performance Coaching, Ben provides Sports Massage Therapy and delivering a community athletics programme with the long term goal of establishing an independent athlete development academy.