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1. GENERAL TERMS and CONDITIONS Please read these Terms and Conditions as found on the website www.takeoffcoaching.org. Indicate approval by ticking the box at the end of the document. Copies of this document viewed from any other source cannot be regarded as accurate or up to date, and are invalid. This agreement outlines the legally binding terms and conditions pertaining to products and services made available by TAKEOFF COACHING. Products or services cannot be processed until there is agreement that the user has read and accepted these terms and conditions. In this document the term ‘user’ includes contributors, viewers and buyers utilising the TAKEOFF COACHING site. The Terms and Conditions outlined here are for the products and services offered by TAKEOFF COACHING as an agreement between users, those directed by users and TAKEOFF COACHING. They will be reviewed and amended periodically, and are subject to change without notice. We will do so by posting and drawing attention to the update. Your decision to continue to view or make use of the site following amendments constitutes your formal acceptance of the new Terms and Conditions. The most recent modification to this agreement as of JULY 14, 2014


2.1 TAKEOFF COACHING is an educational and consultant group that focuses on training for high velocity landings and takeoffs found in sport and dance activities. The group offers both products and services in this area of exercise training. TAKEOFF COACHING produces online information, programmes, video and related resources for athletes, coaches, trainers and teachers (amongst others) who are interested in benefiting from high velocity landings and takeoffs. Services include but are not limited to workshops, consultations, bespoke programming, presentations and practical sessions in relation to the training of landings and takeoffs for sport. 2.1.1 By extension, TAKEOFF COACHING operates at a distance from the athletes, coaches and educators so that products and services can complement the existing situation and not be regarded as a substitute or alternative. 2.2 The information, resources and services offered by TAKEOFF COACHING reflect the opinions of the authors and contributors within the group and are not intended to replace or supersede the professional opinions experienced by the user in their situation. As an educational service the user has the option of integrating the information into their situation in order to enhance their system as they wish, without any notion or impression that TAKEOFF COACHING has directed them to do so. 2.3 The exercises used within programmes and information resources are intended as developmental additions to existing programmes. Because TAKEOFF COACHING is not in a position to assess, screen or otherwise monitor how exercises or programmes are used, the responsibility and liabilities for the results of exercise use remain with the users or by extension the individuals or groups that the user influences or directs. 2.4 The exercise selections typically use minimal or stated equipment as supports. Adding, supplementing or otherwise changing the nature of the exercises with unspecified equipment is not recommended and constitutes a misuse of the exercise or programme. Exercise selections and programmes are designed for open space and even surfaces which are cushioned or semi-cushioned for activity. While some exercises may specify use without footwear it is expected that users will use appropriate footwear that is supportive and fitted. The use of programmes or exercises within other spaces, upon other surfaces, or without appropriate footwear represents a misuse of the exercises or programmes. TAKEOFF COACHING accepts no responsibilities or liabilities for how or where exercises are used. 2.5 The exercises selected for programmes, videos and information are intended for use within programmes that endeavour to enhance performance. The programmes and exercises are not intended for general fitness, return to fitness, or return from injury situations. TAKEOFF COACHING encourages all users and those directed or influenced by users to ensure that they have been appraised and have received clearance to participate in progressive training that includes high velocity landings from a currently accredited specialist. The programmes and exercise selections are not intended as a substitute for medical or therapeutic advice and TAKEOFF COACHING accepts no responsibility or liability for the use or misuse of programmes or exercise selections that contribute to injury. 2.6 The content displayed within the site TAKEOFF COACHING is edited, checked and verified for accuracy prior to inclusion on the site. However, there is no guarantee of absolute accuracy nor is there a guarantee of safety in regards to how information from this or third party links may be interpreted and used. Accordingly, the authors, contributors and affiliates cannot be held responsible for problems or injury resulting from the interpretation of materials, illustrations, videos or text. 2.7 The content, illustrations, videos, programmes and models are used with permission within TAKEOFF COACHING and are the property of the contributors, authors and illustrators that design the materials. These resources and information are fully protected under copyright law. The wholesale reproduction or partial modification of content is not permitted. Exceptions for use may be granted only if you receive prior written consent from TAKEOFF COACHING.


3.1 Payments for products are managed through a gateway: Stripe [www.stripe.com]. The user, by utilising the gateway, also agrees to the terms of service from Stripe.com. The user accepts responsibility for the selection and payment of products offered. If a payment is not received or the payment is declined the user forfeits any ownership of the products they had selected. If no payment is received through the secure site, no products will be sent to the user. 3.1.1 Transmission of online resources and programmes to the user will occur after the processing of payment by the secure site. Payment must be in the amount agreed upon by TAKEOFF COACHING. 3.2 All purchases of digital files are transmitted through a provided email address. Users need to check their spam or junk mail boxes for emails from TakeoffCoaching.org or Squarespace.com containing downloads. Vigilance with respect to download email receipt is the responsibility of the user. After purchases are completed the user will receive a pop-up screen containing links for instant download. These links are the same as those found in their email. 3.3 All purchases have a 24 hour validation period, during which time the user must download their selections. It is the responsibility of the user to download their purchases within the validation time and ensure that their internet connection will manage files to a maximum of 200MB. TAKEOFF COACHING cannot accept responsibility for failure to complete the download as a result of poor internet connections or timing issues. If there is evidence to suggest otherwise TAKEOFF COACHING will consider individual cases of failure to download in order to agree compensatory action. 3.4 Cancellation of selected resources, programmes and videos can be made at any time up until the processing of payment through the secure gateway, Stripe.com, is initiated. Once payment processing has been initiated the user is responsible for payment and cannot cancel the order. 3.4.1 TAKEOFF COACHING produces and offers online resources and services that are educational and informational. There is no assumption made about suitability for the user’s needs. Accordingly our relationship with the user is one-way and can offer no refund on return of downloaded files once selection and payment are completed and the user judges the products unsuitable. It is the responsibility of the user to confirm the suitability of the goods and services they select prior to payment. 3.5 While we endeavour to please all users TAKEOFF COACHING recognises that there may be concerns or issues in regards to programme or exercise use. We encourage feedback in regards to any issues by using feedback@takeoffcoaching.org. While we offer no guarantee of resolution with any particular issue or concern, all feedback will be attended to and may be used to amend future products and services.


4.1 At certain times email addresses may become known to TAKEOFF COACHING through programme and resource purchases or public forums. As provided for in these Terms and Conditions such information will not be shared, distributed or sold to a third party. TAKEOFF COACHING has no access to private or financial information as these are managed through the secure site at the time of product purchasing. 4.2 The site known as TAKEOFF COACHING hosts a blog and public forum that allow for dialogue and the sharing of opinions or questions. As a user you are invited to express opinions and share information. The forums are not to be used to distribute spam messages or post advertisements. Further, TAKEOFF COACHING does not invite the use of malicious or abusive responses or links to inappropriate sites. TAKEOFF COACHING reserves the right to screen and moderate the content submitted to the site, and to remove any content deemed to have violated either the philosophy or objectives of TAKEOFF COACHING. 4.2.1 TAKEOFF COACHING reserves the right to terminate access to the site should that access be deemed to be contrary to the aims and objectives of the group. 4.3 The TAKOFF COACHING site may contain links to other websites and resources that are not controlled by TAKEOFF COACHING. As there is no control over these links TAKEOFF COACHING assumes no responsibility for the philosophy or practices of these sites. You, as the user, are encouraged and advised to read the entire Terms and Conditions of any third party site or service provider that you connect with as a result of a link posted on the TAKEOFF COACHING site.

Should you have any further enquiries, concerns or issues in regards to these Terms and Conditions, or if you experience difficulties navigating the site, please contact feedback@takeoffcoaching.org

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