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Because we are currently a collaboration of coaches scattered over the country we don't have any formal offices or phone lines. Therefore we ask that you contact us either through this form, or if you know who you need use our personal emails! We apologies for any inconvenience this may cause, but we do check and reply to all our emails daily so you will get a response. If you are enquiring about or requesting bespoke services we ask that you use the forms relevant to those services, these can be found on each categories bespoke services page.    

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TAKEOFF brings a group of specialists together to share information and programming in the area of landing and takeoff performance. The guidance provided on this website is a product of academic research and practical coaching experience, it is impartial of any governing body and regulated only by the TAKEOFF.

Contents and subsequent recommendations have been produced for educational purposes only. Therefore neither TAKE OFF nor any author accepts responsibility for any injury sustained from following guidance provided on this website or through any communication with staff. It is expected that readers show caution when undertaking new exercises and do so at their own risk.

The products on this website are copyrighted© to TAKEOFF (, for reproduction permission please contact

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the OVR Rating Stand For?

OVR is a subset of MOVERS which is the framework TAKEOFF COACHING uses to design programmes for high velocity landings and takeoffs. It is a subjective or quality scale of 1 – 4 based on the assumption that the ideal ability we are training is to manage many times body mass in very short times. So a rating of 1 may feel difficult or intense but is a 1 because its relationship to Hi-Fast takeoffs is more about activation or preparation than actual work at the other end. A rating of 4 will be more imitative, more dynamic and more specific to the performance needs. You can find out more in our OVR and MOVERS commentary here.

2. Once I have purchased a digital product from Takeoff Coaching how will I download it?

Once your purchase has been confirmed you will be directed to a pop up which will allow instant download of content. You will also recieve an email confirming your purchase that contains a download link to your purchase. Please be aware this link is only valid for 24 hours, after this point the link will be useless. Takeoff Coaching does not accept any responsibilty of loss of content though products not downloaded within 24 hours of purchase.

3. Are there any restrictions on how I use the products that I have purchased?

We want you to use our products for educational purposes, therefore we have no restriction for personal use. Although prolonged public display, reproduction and resale are considered a breach in copyright and anyone wishing to use our products in this way is required to seek expressed written permission.

4. Are there any health or injury risks associated with following programmes from Takeoff Coaching?

All exercise contains a certain degree of risk! It is your responsibility to ensure you follow programmes of the correct level. If you are unsure of what your correct level is please get in touch and a member of our team will be more than happy to discuss this with you. We also recommend that any individual with current injury does not participate in our programmes without medical clearance to perform impact based movements. All programmes must be carried out on a matted surface. Takeoff Coaching does not accept any responsibility for injury as a result of improper use, diviation from the recommended exercises or injury through incorrect choice of exercises.

5. I am unsure whether this is appropriate or of any benefit to me, is there anyone I can discuss this further with?

Yes! Fill out the contact us form or email us directly at and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible. We aim to get in touch within 24 hours.

6. Does Takeoff Coaching offer any formal coaching qualifications or recognition for using these programmes?

Give us time. We are just starting out, but we are already looking at developing a series of certified and industary recognised coaching qualifications.

7. Is Takeoff Coaching aligned or associated with any other qualification or governing body?

As far as we are aware Takeoff Coaching is the only coach education service dedicated to high velocity and plyometric movement conditioning. We are working towards becoming the industary recognised governing body in this area, and are therefore not currently aligned with any other governing bodies or coaching qualifications.