Athlete Coaching Visit

With the Rio 2016 Olympics just around the corner Takeoff Schools is hoping to re-inspire the generation that got to witness the London 2012 Games and last years Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. With most of our athletes on a journey themselves either having been to a games or looking to qualify for the next, Takeoff wants to show pupils what’s special about being an athlete at the top level. 

With our athletes either having competed at these games or on their own journey to qualify for those up and coming, Takeoff aims to show pupils what it takes to be an athlete at the top level. Shedding light upon the ups, downs and sacrifices an athlete faces, as well as the overwhelming achievement that comes from doing your best. Our visits aim to demonstrate that anything can be achieved if you put your mind to it, with the athletes leading pupils in specifically designed session throughout the day.

Presentations and Lessons

Takeoff Schools provides top level athlete coaching experiences and interactions for students. Takeoff aims to support the development of learning to go along with the ability to move correctly and safely in sport. The day starts with the athlete's presentation, taking place in the morning assembly. This will be a general introduction to the days activities, explaining the athlete's sport and lifestyle/ambitions. 

The main sessions then begin as the athlete leads each class/group through a taster session of their sport along with a group of developmental exercises specifically put together and designed to allow the student to learn how to move more efficiently. 

Athlete support

Takeoff Schools has been designed in part to help financially support athletes in the midst of training. Most, if not all our athletes compete in amateur sports, meaning they rely on sponsorship or funding of some sort to concentrate full time on their sport. We like to think giving them this chance at schools around the local area will take some pressure off them financially and inspire them to achieve their potential dreams.